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From The Desk Of Vince Gabriele:
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Dear Gym Owner,

Would you like all the tools and systems to add 30 New Clients to Your Gym?

Thank you so much for your interest in the 6 Week New Client Surge Program. I created this program for a variety of reasons.

FIRST: Attrition above 3% IS a NEW issue.

The CEO of Carmel Valley, a financial services company that does the books for America's best gyms, reported that the average attrition rate for gyms like yours and mine has crept up from 4% to 6%.

This means a gym with 100 members that used to lose 4 members/mo…now loses 6. 

The CEO’s advice was: work hard on improving retention…but by all means double your marketing efforts. Never has it been more important to have a grip on the marketing of your gym. 

SECOND: Most gym owners, self-ADMITTEDLY, don’t know what they're doing with Marketing.

Many have told me it’s the most frustrating part of their business mainly because they never learned how to implement marketing that actually works.

THIRD: The lack of results with marketing causes a bigger issue…Cash Flow

Cash flow issues put stress on gym owners and cause them to make poor decisions.

The poorest decision of all is not investing money and time into marketing because we’re all guaranteed to lose clients…but there’s no guarantee that we’ll get new ones. 

The 6 Week New Clients Surge is specifically for gym owners who want advice to grow the revenue and profit of their gym fast…

The full focus is on giving you the tools and resources to add 30 new clients and let this launch the momentum of your gym to help battle the cash flow issue so many gyms face.

The Surge is the JUMP START you need to rapidly grow your gym in 6 weeks.

What is this? It’s a New Client Surge! An intensive marketing program that will give you every single tool you need to add 30 Personal Training Clients to your gym in 6 weeks.

Now, to be fully transparent, some will do it faster…others will take longer.

But rest assured, you WILL get what you need to grow your gym’s revenue and profit during the 6-week program. 

The 6-week Surge is very inexpensive. It includes 6 zoom sessions of hands-on coaching with me personally.

Any and all questions you have about growing your gym will be answered.

I will teach you the marketing principles I have used at my own gym to earn over $15,000,000 (and counting) since we opened in 2008. 

Plus, you’ll get the most updated marketing ideas that are working now in my mastermind community—which has over 100 thriving gyms from all over the world. 

Each week, I will introduce a new system that, once installed in your business, will give you the keys to get new personal training clients CONSISTENTLY!

The focus will be on marketing activities you can implement with little to no money invested in marketing.

MORE: Every gym I’ve worked with has been sitting on a large pile of money they didn't even know existed. You’ll find it over these 6 weeks.

Every module will end by giving you action steps, so you know exactly how to implement them.

More: When you invest in the Surge you’ll get immediate access to my complete Done For you Lead Generation system called the Giveaway Funnel.

This was used at my gym originally in 2016 and was the reason we went from 1.1-1.3 mm that year.

Since then countless gym owners have implemented this system into their gym with similar success.

You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to run this at your gym and it’s included as a free bonus with Surge.

Should You do this?

Well, I can’t fully answer this for you. I can only share the stories of 3 gym owners who are very glad they did. 

Gym Owner #1:
Several years ago I had a 24 year old gym owner from Philly call me with a tremble in his voice. He had just started his gym and was only 23 years old. He wanted to do the surge but was only doing about 8,000 a month in revenue and was petrified of the investment. He took the leap and added 25 new members in 3 ½ weeks and today has expanded to 3 locations….and counting

Giancarlo Regni | G-Strength, Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve added $4,174 per month in recurring revenue and 25 new clients since the Surge”

Gym Owner #2:
The second call was a gym owner from Washington that just got out of a miserable business partnership and was essentially broke. He was doing about 7k a month and was just renting space out of a dance school. He also jumped into the Surge and today is doing 50K per month and is expanding to his second location.

George | Create Fitness | Kent, WA

Gym Owner #3:
The final guy is from Texas and had just gotten divorced. He was only doing $4,000 a month when he joined the surge and was very hesitant to jump in because it was smack dab in the middle of Covid. Today John Doughtery from Conquer Fitness is doing over 100K a month and has huge expansion plans.

Dr. John D | Conquer Fitness & Performance | Frisco, TX

But what if i'm REALLY Struggling?

Well, here’s another story that I’m almost hesitant to tell you because you may not believe it’s 100% true, but it is. 

Tony Bianchino was in debt. Not good business debt either. I’m talking super high interest personal credit card debt. AKA The Devil. 

I’ve honestly never seen a gym owner in a worse situation and I don’t think I ever will again. He had racked up over $1,000,000 personal credit card debt and it seemed to me like he was totally screwed. He joined the Surge and today is doing over 70K a month, has paid off ALL of his debt and has a 300K cash cushion. 

Since I know this is so unbelievable I posted his certificate of Debt Completion below along with his story. 

Ok I get it, the surge is for gyms that need to get moving, but what If I’m already doing well?

Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman, owners of Varsity House Gym, were teetering on $1m in revenue when they joined the surge. 
They were successful but needed some fresh new ideas to amp up their marketing because they were about to launch a small group training program

In the first few weeks they implemented ONE of the systems I teach in the surge and generated 57 new trial members and turned 26 of them into new small group members.

Today, they have fully transitioned to small group training and have over 200 members at their first location(they had none when they joined surge) They also have opened a second location that is thriving and just signed the lease of their third.

"We brought in 57 trials and converted 24 of them which equated to $5,440 in recurring revenue from the holiday card system in the bonus module of Surge”

Joe Riggio | Varsity House Gym | NY

I hope at least one of these stories has inspired you and you consider joining us. We meet every Tuesday for an hour and a half, fully interactive on Zoom. You can ask any question.

There's nothing withheld, and you'll get complete systems each time that you can go and implement immediately. Each one of them is good to add 30 new clients. 

P.S. - Two Quick Warnings

First, this may not be for you.

If you are satisfied with where you are, if you want to be a spectator, this isn’t for you. This requires that you step up to be winning and grow your gym and improve your marketing. Just a warning, I work with “winners” ~ with players, not spectators.

Second, Beware of the “Gym Guru Guy”. There’s an explosion of people giving advice to gym owners and attempting to be “Gurus.” I’ve helped develop some of the most profitable gyms in the world and, have been “In the Trenches” personally for over 20 years. Much of what you’ll hear from these people aren’t things that are really working to create top 10% - $1,000,000.00+ Gym Owners. 

This program will 100% be No BS. No fluff. No “Old Systems” that don’t work in today’s world. No theory without real-world proof of results. What’s working for top-performing gym owners, right now.

Why Listen To Me?

Vince is the founder of Gabriele Fitness, a New Jersey based personal training gym that has dominated its market (and still does) for 14 years, and has generated well over 10 Million in Revenue. It’s regarded as one of the most successful gyms in America according to the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA).

Only after achieving massive success as a gym owner has he turned to teaching the business secrets he used and still uses today to other gym owners from around the world.

He’s Authored 8 Fitness Business Books…

1. The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Gym

2. The Ultimate Guide to Sales For Your Gym

3. The 364 Hiring Manual

4. The 4 Stages of fitness business success

5. The Ultimate Success Mindset

6. Unshakeable Gym

7. 41 Business and Life Principles

8. Vince Gabriele’s Big Book of Marketing

Vince was a top-rated speaker for the Mindbody Bold tour and is a prime-time speaker for the very prestigious Perform Better Seminar Series.

Vince is the Host of the Award Winning Fitness Business University Podcast. It’s the second-ranked Fitness Business Podcast in the World and has over 400 episodes.

Vince is the CEO of Fitness Business University, a business coaching company dedicated to helping gym owners build more successful businesses…The most notable program is Vince’s SPF Mastermind…Which holds 100+ Highly successful gym owners who keep Vince and his team on a high monthly retainer to help them grow their business.

During the pandemic, Vince founded KISS Marketing, a digital marketing agency for gym owners to help them get more clients from their website and digital marketing strategies. KISS Marketing is the go-to agency for industry greats like Rick Mayo of Alloy Personal Training, Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness, and Frank Nash of Stronger Personal Training.

After the pandemic decimated his sports performance business, Vince rebranded it and launched Grit Athlete Performance. He brought it from zero to $20,000/month in a few months without training a single session or speaking to one parent. The Grit Model is now available for licensing.

bonuses for joining the surge

Finally, I’ll share over $3,997 in Free Bonuses to accelerate your results including my Famous Giveaway Funnel, The Sales Scripts I use at my gym and the complete Raise Your Prices Kit. 

Bonus #1: Vince Gabriele's Giveaway Funnel

A DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM of my most successful marketing idea.... Ever.

In 20 years of running my own gym I have run hundreds of marketing campaigns…but NONE of them were as successful as the Giveaway Funnel. This exact system added an additional $200,000 and brought my revenue from 1.1mm to 1.3 mm in 2016. Since then, I have run it each year and countless other gyms have implemented this system with similar success. I have never made this system available to gym owners outside of my private coaching group until now. 

Here’s what’s included in the Giveaway Funnel


• The exact 21 emails I personally wrote to promote the giveaway funnel.

• The exact facebook ad copy that one of the best facebook ad copywriters on the planet created

• The 15-page playbook that tells you exactly how to implement everything

• A 30-page PDF that gives you a truckload of Social Media Posts you can use to promote your giveaway

• The Giveaway Funnel Landing Page (...feel free to use my exact copy just be sure to take my gyms name off!)

• The sales scripts that tell you exactly how to convert leads into new members

• Video Presentation where I walk you through the entire process, step by step.

Bonus #2

The Ultimate Guide To
Raising Your Prices

The fastest way to make more money to the bottom line is to raise your prices. Most gym owners don’t want to touch this mainly because they don't know how to do it. This bonus gives you the secrets to raising your prices without making a bunch of people mad at them or calling them “greedy”

Bonus #3

The Exact Sales Scripts
 I Use At My Gym

This bonus will take the guesswork out of what to say to a prospect to get them to buy a membership at your gym. After 20 years of in the trenches sales experience we have found what works and what doesn’t…this will be your new guide to closing more sales at higher prices.

More: Once you raise your prices from what you’ll learn in Bonus #2, each new sale will be much more profitable! 

Register at NO-RISK.
100% Money Back Guarantee.

When you sign up for the 6 Week New Client Surge Program you get a no-questions-asked “make me prove it to you” Money Back Guarantee.

Just let me know by the end of module 2 that you didn’t learn enough to get at least 10x the small amount invested in the program and I’ll return 100% of your investment and let you keep the 3 bonuses. 

After you’ve discovered that you COULD and DID add 30 personal training clients in 6 weeks, I know you’ll be inspired to do even more–and you’ll have my complete fill-your-gym system to keep the momentum going. 

The 6-week program is guaranteed to have all the tools, strategies, and implementation tactics that you need get 30 new clients. 

Video Seminar 1

The Foundations Of A Great Marketing System

When you signed a lease on your facility you also signed up to be a business owner. A business owner that does not truly understand and get good at marketing, will only go so far.
Gym owners get obsessed with different marketing tactics and fail to comprehend the big picture. The problem is when these tactics stop working (and they will) the gym owner that relies on tactics does not know what to do next and their business suffers.
This module is designed to give you the marketing education you need to always be in a position to succeed and if you ever get in a jam, you’ll know exactly how to get out.
Before we can get into tactics, you need to have a marketing plan.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  •  Your business should be Simple, Profitable and Fun. I’m going to unpack how to make your business easier to run, how to make more money and finally how these two things will bring you incredible joy as a gym owner through developing lethal skills as a great marketer

  • There are really only 3 ways to grow your gym, getting more customers is one of them, this module gives you that plan and strategy to make it right

  • You’ll learn why so many people set their money on fire through trying to copy what big businesses do for marketing. It works for them but it will never work for us. A concept called Direct Response will be introduced and once you understand this very basic form of marketing you’ll kick yourself for not learning his sooner. That being said, once you know it, you’ll never ever market your business another way

  • Selecting the right target market is quite possibly the most important aspect of marketing. Not knowing this is like getting in your car and driving anywhere and expecting to be somewhere. Being all things to all people means you are for no one. Pick a market and own it but be sure that market has the money to pay the prices you are asking.

  • The offer is the thing that will make people say yes or no. Lack of a compelling offer will never bring success. Learning how to create sound offers that people drool over is paramount.

  • Finally, you’ll need a map to the party. Building a marketing strategy that tells you what to do and when. I’ll provide a strategy for you that is easy to follow and has generated close to 10 million dollars in revenue for my gym and many more for my clients 

Video Seminar 2

Immediate Cash Surge ( to re-activate “dead leads” and past members)

The association of fitness studios reported that late cancellations are one of the bigger frustrations among gym owners.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • ​Before you do anything, you need to know your numbers. Most gyms have no clue. If you take nothing from this program other than The Scoreboard, you will have won. The scoreboard tells you what you need to fix and what you need to do next, that’s an empowering thing for a business owner. I cannot imagine any business without using a scoreboard, they’re flying blind.

  • If you Build a lead follow-up system you’ll make more money.

  • Not everyone will book on the first time, buoyancy is a very important aspect of sales. If you quit after the first try your leaving serious money on the table. It could take up to 7 times before someone even shows up! I’ll show you how to stay on it

  • First Impressions are crucial. You may have something called the sales prevention department (I hope you don’t). This is a front desk person that deflects money because they are not interested don’t care and are not trained properly. That first impression matters a lot, we’ll unpack the system for you

  • The Trial membership is the test drive you need to convert people for the long haul. You would never drive a car without driving it first, the trial allows you to showcase what you so in real time and that why you don’t need hardcore old school salespeople. You let the taste your best dish than you ask them if they want more, Simple, easy effective. We’ll dissect how much you should charge, how to run them and how to make sure that they stay. 

  • After the trial, you need to set up a Close Meeting where you present your prices and guide them down the buying line. This will go in conjunction with module 6 when we talk about your membership options and prices 

Video Seminar 3

Referrals, Joint Ventures, & Community Marketing

I’m willing to bet most of your best clients came from referrals. Why wouldn’t you try to get more of them?
Clients that come to you via referral pay more, complain less, get better results and simply are much easier to have as a client.
Most gyms say they get lots of referrals but the problem is they wait for them.
Waiting for referrals is not the way to grow, driving specific strategies to generate referrals is.
Most people don’t know where to start.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • ​There are 4 parts of a well-oiled referral machine, all parts must be implemented for this to be maximized.

  •  You’ll master the art of generating referrals and quickly see the value to your business. These lessons will get you sprinting back to your gym to implement the things you learn... 

  • We’ll teach you the magic of the black metal card system. This system is probably the best referral strategy out there and will be your best and easiest to implement referral strategy.

  • I’ll unpack the potential that a referral contest can have to light your gym on fire. You’ll be shocked about how big you need to go to make it work but even more shocked when referrals start flooding your way. It’s a very exciting venture when you run this right.

  • You’ll learn the art of gifting. You’d be shocked at how most people pay all this money in ads but then won’t pay for high-quality referrals. They just expect to get them and in order to keep getting them, you need a reward system in place. It's not what you think either. referral which is simply a better client too.

  • Omnipresence is a concept that gets your business in peoples top of mind all the time. Your emails, shirts, magnets, shakers, coffee mugs, welcome boxes, and gear all matter. When you are always on your client’s minds there is a huge chance they will talk about you more. Omnipresence is a part of the referral machine you cannot leave out, we’ll give you all you need

  • Joint Ventures could be a module itself based on its massive capacity to get more clients. I built a 7-figure business on this model alone. We’ll teach you about how to get them, leverage them and profit from them so much you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do it sooner

  • Your lost members are some of your greatest leads. I’ll teach you the 3 reasons people leave and you’ll be convinced to have a system to talk to these people. If you're not trying to et old clients back, you’re legacy series money on the table. 

Video Seminar 4

Email and
Social Media Mastery

Delivering consistent content to your world is how you stay in peoples minds all the time.

Many people feel like if they put out too much content or send too many emails that it will turn people off.

It will, but those people never would have bought anyway.

There are countless others that want and need to hear from you.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • ​You’ll learn the 3 types of content pieces you need to deliver a well-rounded message.

  • You will happily discover the best Subject lines to use and quickly realize that subject lines and headlines are well worth the time you spend on them.

  • Find out the power of Weekly customer showcases and why they may be some of the most important marketing you do.

  • Building your email list is often a frustration among gym owners, we’ll tell you about why a bigger list isn’t always better and the main things to do to grow the list with really qualified people.

  • Find out why unsubscribes should not really bother you.

Video Seminar 5

Digital Marketing: Websites, Facebook and Google Ads

How to create a system in your business to bring you quality leads on a consistent basis from your website by making a few very simple changes that we have seen 4X lead flow without a dollar spent!

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • ​​The Ultimate Nurture & Convert System for healthy gym growth

  • ​The 4 checks you need to do with every email to make sure they are getting to your prospects and clients!

  • ​​How to maximize your presence on Google to make your gym the no brainer decision to potential prospects

  • ​The strategy & tools 7 figure gyms use to increase retention and stop no-shows!

  • How to presell potential prospects to lay down their wallet before they walk in your door, without lifting a finger!

  • The only funnel you'll ever need for all your marketing campaigns

  • What makes a website convert, and how most gym owners make this monumental mistake 90% of the time

Video Seminar 6

Power Pricing: How Much Money To Charge For Maximum Profits

There are 3 ways for your business to grow. We have just covered a ton about getting new members but there are more ways than that to get rich. 
The second and third ways are: 2. Get your current members paying you more per month and 3. Get your members paying you more often. We tend to only think of one way to grow and this module opens your mind to wonderful possibilities that have the ability to be activated immediately.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • ​You’ll learn the power of Price elasticity an why you will be able to charge a lot more money than your competitors

  •  We’ll look and some different pricing structures and then unpack the one structure that is superior for the personal training gym 

  •  This module has the power to increase your revenue by 10-100% immediately by just making one decision 

  •  The Lifetime Value of a customer is a number that every business owner must know so they are not wasting money on marketing and can start to maximize their business 

  •  We’ll have some fun learning about how many people spend lots of money buying really stupid stuff. The lesson is that all people have their thing they spend money on and how you can find the people that view your gym that way 

  •  We’ll discuss several ways you can make more money per members by incorporate more products and services outside of your training memberships 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What These Industry Leaders Say About Vince's Programs

"One of the best."

Vince is one of the best young fitness business consultants to come about in the last 20 years and has created one of the best training gyms in the country. 

Founder of The National Fitness Business Association


"A go-to guy for fitness business."

"I’ve watched Vince develop first an amazing business and then second, a niche as a mentor and business coach. Vince is rapidly becoming a go-to guy for fitness business info."


"Built an Outstanding Business"

"It was quickly apparent that Vince was different than most fitness business owners. Rather than taking the route most take when they open a gym and basically become a self-employed service provider, Vince built a truly outstanding business."


"Enjoy the Gabriele Energy"

“It is also very exciting that his messages and energy are going to reach far more people in and out of the fitness profession. When anyone's reach can extend to names and faces we will never know or see, it is a very special endeavor and from one that so many will benefit. Enjoy the Gabriele Energy!”


"Anything you can learn from Vince, in my eyes, is gold."

You know him.


more from client surge alumni

See What These Gym Owners Are Saying About The Program

“This Has Changed My Life and My family’s Life Forever”

"After I started the Surge, We came up with direction, a vision, and accountability, ways to track numbers, and ways to hit those goals. We created the accountability I so desperately needed so I could have the freedom needed to love my business again. In 6 months we have increased revenue significantly and are up 50% in membership. "

Mission Sports Performance and Personal Training | Adrian, MI


“43 New Clients”

“My confidence level in my marketing went from a 6 to a 9, I gotten massive leads this month and 43 new clients.”

Team Lifestyle Elite | Davie, Florida

Joseph Salpietro 

The 6 Week new Client Surge is for you if:

  • You’re struggling to generate a consistent flow of quality leads to your gym

  • ​You get confused on which marketing tactics are the best to bring in high-quality leads 

  • ​You do not have a concrete system to generate referrals 

  • ​You do not track the most important numbers in your business on a weekly basis 

  • ​You lack a predictable process of getting leads to convert to new members 

  • ​You are struggling to make the amount of profit you want because you have a pricing structure that is not working 

  • You want a full-blown system to bring your gym the highest quality leads 

  • ​You use Facebook ads as your only source of leads and its starting to slow down 

  • ​You want to get more joint ventures and have strong relationships that will bring very high-quality clients to your gym 

  • ​You do not track the most important numbers in your business on a weekly basis 

  • ​​You are struggling to make the amount of profit you want because you have a pricing structure that is not working 

Questions & Answers

Q: Is there any LIVE coaching or is all on a recording?

A: The Modules are run LIVE with Vince, then recorded and posted immediately in the facebook group. There is ample time for Q/A after each module. 

Q: I’m pushed for time but want to start this now - do I have to finish the course within 6 weeks?

A: No. Because all of the material is accessed via a private Facebook group, you can choose how fast you complete the modules. We do try to hold you accountable to implement stuff each week – but ultimately, you decide how much you can do according to the schedule you have.

 Q: I’m a new start up, is this program relevant for me?

A: Yes. If you’re new (less than 12 months old) Surge is perfect for you. We’ve had previous students who hadn’t even opened their gym yet, but were preparing for it and wanted to open their business with lots of clients. 

Q: What if I have questions in-between the weekly seminars?

A: You can ask them in the Facebook community and Vince will answer them for you instantly.

Q: What if I have a marketing person? Can this person attend the calls too?

A: Yes. You can have one key member of your team join the program with you free of charge.

"I was about to close the doors..."

"The Surge Program has awaken a sleeping giant in me. We are so much healthier of a business now. We went from thinking we would be closing our doors at the end of 2018, and now we're on track to be at 3x EFT by end of June. I would not be surprised if total yearly revenue by the end of the year was up by $60k.” 

Strive and Strength Conditioning - Monroe, OH

Kyle Bohannan

"I have a systematized Marketing Strategy now"

"The Surge helped me get a systematized marketing strategy and I've seen the most growth in referrals. I honestly feel that I have only implemented 5% of the information that I got from the Surge and the month after I graduated I had my best month ever for leads, trials, and gross revenue. To make it even sweeter, next month is looking even better. I also joined the mastermind!"

Create Fitness - Auburn, WA

George McGuire

“Greater Focus and Clarity”

"Since joining the surge we’ve Increased leads, revised marketing strategy and pricing structure, We’ve Improved business overall."

Vibe Life - Rialto, California

Gino Garcia